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Operating System Comparison

And as we began using our Macs, I kept mentally comparing the OS to others that I had used (primarily Windows and Linux). So I decided to put together a comparison of OSX, Windows, and Linux. This isn't supposed to be an exhaustive list–just enough to help people see the differences from an ownership perspective.

Feature OSX Windows Linux
Out-of-the-box experience Great Varies Varies
Usefulness out of the box High Low Varies
Value of provided (no extra cost) software High Low High
Pre-installed trial software No Yes No
Tech support available Yes Yes No
Need for tech support Low Med High
Need for Viruses/Spyware control No Yes No
System degredation due to software installs No Yes No
Usefulness of built-in scripting language(s) High Low High
Simplicity of software installs Easy Varies Varies
Initial cost High Medium Low
Cost of “necessary” software after purchase Zero High Zero
Cost (in time or $$) of support and help Low Medium High
Power consumption (typical) 100W 350W 350W
Total cost after all expenses Low High Medium
Kids understand it Yes No No
System “enables” kids & non-tech users Yes No Varies
Reliability High Varies Varies
Level of integration between tools High Varies Varies
Need for system reboots (installs, upgrades) Low High Low
Difficulty of installing peripherals Low Medium Varies
Performance under load (video processing) Good Varies Varies

Note: this list was created before Windows Vista was introduced. I could write a book on how much people dislike Vista, but I digress…. The point is: this list represents my opinions after significant use of all the above.

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