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Pulse SmartPen

LiveScribe Pulse SmartPenWhile I was at JavaOne this year, I saw a demo of a pen that can record your written notes and play them back (including audio) just by clicking on them. I thought: neat idea, but why would I buy that? Then I learned it also lets you play music on a hand-drawn piano, translates your written text into other languages, and integrates with a desktop to let you manage your notes. OK, pretty cool but keep talking. They announced that the pen runs on Java Mobile Edition and has a software development kit available. Too cool–I want one! So I bought it. Its the Pulse SmartPen by LiveScribe.


There are other Pen devices on the market, so I thought I'd do a brief comparison of the most widely known models.

Pulse SmartPen Fly Fusion
Price $149(1gb), $199(2gb) $79
Uses special paper Yes Yes
Paper price $20/4 spiral notebooks $8/25-pg spiral notebook
Software authors Many Fly only
Handwriting recognition Yes Yes
Desktop software Yes No
OS support Windows, Mac, Linux Windows
Audience High School & up K-8
Software development kit? Yes No
Processor ARM-9 150MHz Proprietary 96Mhz
RAM 1gb or 2gb 64mb (+ 64mb add-on)
Digital display Yes No

So you can see the Pulse SmartPen is a superior technology. More importantly, its made by the inventor of the Fly Fusion. He left LeapFrog to form his own company, as detailed here.

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