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Setting up OFX Direct Connect

To enable OFX Direct Connect in your pesonal finance program:

  1. Locate the Direct Connect feature in your personal finance program. In some programs, it is available by right-clicking the account name in the list of accounts. In other programs, you'll need to select the account in the list of accounts, then navigate through the programs menu.
  2. Find your bank in the list of providers. Your software will likely update its list the first time you use this feature.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions given by your software. In general:
    • Use your account number as your user ID
    • Use your banking PIN as your password
    • Enter additional info that your program wants
  4. Save your setup, and try to connect to your bank.
    • If necessary, change your settings and try again.
    • Contact your bank if you have problems.

You'll need to repeat the above steps for each account at each of your banks, brokerage firms, etc.

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